John Rawlings, was and is considered to be an extremely talented, forward thinking and elite photographer. His photos demonstrate futuristic elements, and as stated by well known 1950s model Suzy Parker, ‘He never posed you like a doll’.

john rawlings - vogue


Looking at his fashion photos today, they are still so relevant to what photographers capture. His combination of artistic futuristic shots, work perfectly in respects to the period he worked from; 1930-1960, and it is clear he understood the movement of his models.

Rawlings, is perhaps best known for working with Vogue, Glamour magazine, and Condé Nast.

1950s model Suzy Parker,  said of Rawlings,“he understood movement and the beauty of naturalness, even humor.” And we think it’s clear Rawlings captured the clothes and the playful aspects of life.

Initially starting as an amateur photographer, Rawlings is someone who we feel to be extremely inspiring. He demonstrates that with determination and passion you can achieve your ambitions.


Above Shot: 1962, model is wearing pleated wool dress perfect for travelling. Designed by Harold Weinbergjohn-rawlings-vogue-october-1960 juggling-john-rawlings



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