About Miss Patina

About Miss Patina

About Miss Patina

About Miss Patina

Miss Patina

Vintage inspired fashion with a modern twist for women who enjoy little things in life.

Our Story

Miss Patina is a London-based brand that combines
vintage and contemporary fashion
– creating a style that is both eccentric and romantic.
Formed in 2009 by London College of Fashion graduate Holly Wang and her team,
Holly’s vision has been to create a brand that reflects
her love of British culture, art, nature, and cats,
and she shares what she loves through a range of original designs.

Who is Miss Patina

A lovely female with a young heart, who loves nature, art, music and things with history.
She is easily touched by small pleasures in life.
She is fun, sometimes feminine, often unexpected, and always nostalgic.
We believe there are many females who lead Miss Patina lifestyle;
maybe you are just one of them.

Our Value

Every piece of design has a name and a story behind it.
We share our love and passion through original detailing, such as delicate collars, embroideries, and prints,
in order to remind people about appreciating simple and small pleasures in life;
staying curious and being grateful for beautiful little things that life has offered.
A sense of happiness and a beautiful state of mind is what we what to promote.

The Concept

Logo: Our scalloped shell is inspired by the birth of Venus.
The scalloped shell is uniquely feminine and elegant and is frequently displayed in the designs of Miss Patina clothing.

Patina Green: The sheen produced on surfaces through age, represents our influence from past decades, whilst the colour is associated with Rococo art and represents our highly decorative nature.
Patina is the beauty of time and comes from a life lived which is the essence of timeless beauty.

Why Cat

A few years ago, in a snowing winter night, Holly found a poor pregnant street cat and kept it in Miss Patina Studio. The cat gave birth to 4 little kittens shortly after.
Holly loved the four heart melting cuties so much, and was hugely inspired by them, so she started the first cat related collection. The collection was so successful and loved by Miss Patina fans all over the world.
Since then, Miss Patina launches a new cat theme every season, from angel cats to mermaid cats, from musical cats to book kitties, we even have collections of David Bowie cats and Beatles cats.
Season after season, Miss Patina’s cat range brings joys and surprises not only to cat lovers, but to the girls who share the same love of fun, quirky imagination, and giving.


Miss Patina has frequently been featured in many fashion publications including Vogue, Grazia, Look, Company, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, and has been worn by fashion favourites, such as Taylor Swift, Elle Fanning, British actress Sienna Miller, Emilia Clarke, Jenna Coleman, singer Pixie Lott, Emma Bunton, model Suki Waterhouse, and UK TV presenter Caroline Flack, Alice Levine, and Alex Jones.

With more than 100 stores and boutiques around the world including Topshop concessions and stockists throughout the UK,
Europe, Asia, and the USA, Miss Patina is continually catching the attention of vintage and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Social Responsibility

We believe Miss Patina does not only have a pretty skin but also a beautiful mind.
Social responsibility is an important part of our business practice.
We donate to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in the UK on a regular basis and we support Butterfly charity
in China to raise education funds for poor children from rural areas in China.
We also combine our love of fashion with educational initiatives, Miss Patina founder Holly has already been involved in helping young people to pursue their dreams by sharing her entrepreneurial stories.