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We are really happy to receive so many beautiful illustration works from our fans all over the world.

Miss Patina girls are just talented and creative!

Thank you for your love and support for Miss Patina;)

mp space walking playsuit illustrationâ–˛Space Walking Jumpsuit

Ziggy Cat Top by Eirca Molliâ–˛Ziggy Cat Top

53254523â–˛ Starry Night Dress

154808651029684478â–˛Ailurophile Trench Coat

216356103084646224â–˛Astro Cat Jumper

254903031528092674â–˛Kitten Paradise Dress

489942312416295733â–˛Love Cat Dress (Dogtooth)

494182144273497214â–˛Starry Night Shirt

549342297123950256â–˛Kitten Anthem Shirt

612503051751436867â–˛Say it with the Moon Shirt

683192400410781460 copyâ–˛Starry Night Dress

683192400410781460â–˛Ziggy Cat Dress (David Bowie Inspired Print)

763601975039767169â–˛Work of Art Dress

815769559065210569â–˛Love Cat Dress (Navy)

817510671993674208â–˛Head Girl Dress

MP Give you heaven dress illustrationâ–˛Give You Heaven Dress

345432551â–˛Naval College Dress

494663941902042324â–˛Pembroke Dress

Feline Fling Skirt (Burgundy)â–˛Feline Fling Skirt (Burgundy)

125303592287230232â–˛Ambleside Coat



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