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Spread your wings and feel the wind through your hair with our nature inspired jewellery. Perfect spring unique necklace with a poetic note,  the chain and its elements are made up of hand enamelled brass, gilded with 14kt gold.


We believe in a happier life for all, in a world where we protect the beauty of our nature and the wildlife we share it with. With a modern twist to the classic braided optic, this belt is 100% recycled from the offcuts and trimmings from wastage of other leather goods.  Accompanied by a beautifully feminine shaped buckle in a matt gold finish, it will work well with the plaid skirts or our retro dresses.


This season, Miss Patina have combined all the things we love best. Kittycats, tea, cakes and of course our home, Great Britain. A dreamlike, wonderland tea party is decorated with flying cats and union jacks framed with an audience of feline faces watching from afar. A truly special piece and the ultimate accessory for our dresses.

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