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Oh my fair lady, a true lady at that. But you are a lady who enjoys the muddy walk through the fields of the country as you feed the cows and sheep their daily feast. Buckle up with this ¾ sleeve length dress it with a subtle cowl collar.

£75.00 £65.00

Cure any ailment with a magical dose of unicorn tears. Cats are cool but unicorns are cooler and we’ve taken this chance to debut our unicorn collar to complement intricately designed unicorn bottles on a bondi blue and cream checkered print. Inspired by the 70s, we’ve added frill detailing and sheer sleeves which perfectly complete this rare design.


A busy 1940s inspired cream and hunter green check mimics the hustle and bustle of busy London and ties in perfectly with Miss Patina’s 2018 London Ride Kitten collection. Cream cuffs and a stitched cream collar frame exquisite white lace embroidered with inquisitive kittens. The hem displays cats going about their working day as they whizz through the city on bikes and scooters. A truly magical piece.


We really believe in empowering women of all ages at Miss Patina and since spring is the time for a new beginning, we’ve introduced the Pawsome Shirt in a beautiful fresh mint inspired by nature. A delicate bow and white scalloped embroidery around the neck add a feminine touch. Just don’t leave the subtle cat’s paw hanging…


After a long hour of jogging around the river, you have decided to take a break at a café with the perfect retro vibe. The minimalistic tables against the Victorian windows are the perfect combination for you, a mix between vintage and modern elegance.


Take a calm stroll, ride your bicycle through the country in this comfortable and airy soft green checked playsuit. Mellow under the quiet sun with this cute button down playsuit supplying you with deep pockets to stash away your picked aromatic flowers.


Inspired by the seas, our Royal Anthem Dress focuses on one of the world’s most precious elements. On a deep royal blue base, we’ve added pleated naval coloured stripes which flow much like the sea in movement along with delicate pearl buttons representing the ocean’s treasures. A charming playful 60’s inspired piece perfect for SS17.

£59.00 £35.00

Climb the wee hills and ranges of Glen Coe with a sophisticated V-neck and pleated skirt intact. Reminiscent of school dresses from yesteryear, our Scottish styled pinafore will see you through to discoveries of your own.

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