Miss Patina Patterns

We are very proud of our patterns and details at Miss Patina! Let’s take a closer look at some of them!

Pattern 3

We have many names for the things we love. Glen Plaid, Glenurquhart check or Prince of Wales is a classic print first used by the Countess of Seafield. It got popularized by the style icon Edward VIII.
Above the Jetsetter Dress

Pattern 41

Diamond or the Harlequin Print was introduced in the 40s by the designer Adele Simpson. Vintage Chic!
Above the Trinity College Shirt

Pattern 2

A playful and simple pattern!
Above the Drury Lane Dress.


Baroque came to Europe in the 17th-century, and was characterized by dramatic motion and grandeour.
Here in the Westminster dress in Biscuit Beige
See also the Vivaldi dress and Westminster dress in Royal Blue

Pattern 7

One of the most classic patterns of all time, often associated with Scotland!
Above the Capital Coat in Green Tartan.
See also the Capital Coat in Brown Tartan

Pattern 5

White leaves works well with any colour!
Above the Duchess Dress in Dusty Pink
See also the Duchess Dress in Sapphire

Pattern 1

The French Lily or Fleur-de-lis, is often associated with the French monarky, and was displayed on the flag until the 19th century.
Above the Austin Powers Shirt in Sapphire. See also the Austin Powers Shirt in Turquoise

Pattern 6

The  Houndstooth pattern is characterized by broken checks and originates from wool cloth of the Scottish Lowlands.
Above the Portobello Pinafore in Pink Houndstooth
See also the Cambridge Coat in Blue Houndstooth and the Cambridge Coat in Camel Hondstooth