Miss Patina SS15 Moodboard

P is for Poem and P is for Play – which kind of Miss Patina girl are you?

Are you a sweet romantic girl who loves to read and daydream in the garden? or are you ready for a summer of  adventure and thrills?


Embrace your inner wallflower this season with Miss Patina’s dusky hued dresses and barely there fabrics. This nostalgic and romantic side of the new collection was inspired by: idyllic English countryside, afternoon tea, the curiosities of nature, blooming blossoming flowers in the spring time, beautiful birds among the tree tops, vintage books, forgotten treasures, delicate tea sets, beautiful antiques. Enjoy an afternoon of painting and embracing the sublime beauty of the world around you.


Jump into summer with a splash this season! Your wild side extends to your wardrobe as well as your passion for adventure. This fun and playful side of Miss Patina is inspired by: vintage cameras, old bicycles, colourful beach houses, tropical fruits and plants, sand beneath your toes, blazing sunshine, wanderlust, clear blue skies, English seaside towns, sailing boats, hidden treasure, ocean mysteries, palm trees, vintage maps. So grab your sunglasses, canvas bag and binoculars and plan your next summer excursion!