Vintage Care Guide


We all appreciate advice on how to take care of our clothes in the best possible way! Here’s a guide on how to maintain everything from vintage treasures to your new Miss Patina dresses!

1. Be sure to fix that seem if it’s gone up a little! If you’ve got laddered tights, you can always stop it from getting worse with transparent nail polish!

2. Use thick tree/cloth hangers! Thin metallic hangers will damage your clothes and leave unpleasant rust stains!

3. Button up your clothes when you store them!

4. Keep the clothes on a dry place, and keep them away from light.

5. We recommend hand wash for all of your vintage clothes since old cloths aren’t made to be machine washed. Use cold water for clothes with natural materials, and warm water with synthetics.

6. STAINS! An old trick is to use salt on wine stains, it works every time! If you’ve got a basic stain (blueberrieses e.g.), you can use anything sour to get rid of it, lemon is a classic!

7. Wait for a few minutes before you decide to wear ironed clothes! They easily get wrinkled when they’re warm. Avoid using iron as much as you can in general as it will damage your clothes, try to air-dry them instead!

8. Moths love your clothes as much as you do, but unlike us they hate the smell of lavender! Put some of the lilac flowers in your wardrobe to avoid unpleasant holes!