Miss Patina #theartistwithin SS17!

Miss Patina #theartistwithin SS17!

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We were so excited to see all the amazing entries for our last drawing competition,

so we decided to do another one!

We are highly grateful for your support and interest for Miss Patina products.

You ladies are truly awesome and not to mention extremely talented!

38▲ Cacti Water Dress by Xiaojia Guo

39▲ Garden Poetry Dress by Dou.illustration

40▲ Purretty Top by Dou.illustration

37▲ Love Cat Shirt by Xiao Xiangling

36▲Cacti Water Dress by Xiaonuo Chen

31▲ Luna Dress by KiraraWang

32▲ Jane Austen Dress by Nicole

33▲ Meowy Joy Dress by Nainiu Mao

34▲ Kitten Anthem Dress by Zun Li

35▲ Peppermint Playsuit by Jin Yu

30▲ Bond Girl Lightweight Trench by Ke Xue

26▲ Meowy Joy Top by behindmountain_art

27▲ Oceon Calling Dress by nutella_and_orange_juice

28▲ Cattitude Jumpsuit by

29▲ Tree of Heaven Dress by

16▲ White Sea Shirt by weningsekar

17▲ Tree of Heaven Dress by asmaoriginal

18▲ Hazy Days Dress by wikinoodles

19▲ Hazy Days Dress by nats_without_pants

20▲ Tree of Heaven Dress by meofstyle

15▲ Royal Anthem Dress by nehalannia

10▲ Greenwich Dress by madeleine_jessica

9▲ Garden Poetry Dress by squirroll

14▲ Fern Shirt by weningsekar

13▲ Dream Hunter Jumper by maggiispacepanda_draws

8▲ Swan Lake Dress by carolinexart

7▲ ‘Unicone’ Cardigan by laceeswan

12▲ Denim Cat Dress by tina_minor

11▲ Ailurophile Trench Coat by stitchingmushroom

6▲ Bouquet Playsuit by artofmisslapin

21▲ by dreamsandteacups

22▲ Amazing Grace Shirt by francesca89it

23▲ Purretty Dress by nothingbutnoodles

24▲ Jane Austen Dress by veci_artwork

25▲ Fern Shirt by maisymushroom

5▲ Pertshire Dungarees by kristinaskland

4▲ Liberty dress by lilypieinthesky

3▲ Luna Dress by thedailyse

2▲ Magnolia Dress by gabyalayon

1▲ by fashiontoink