Illustrator Xiao Dou draws our Miss Patina girls

Illustrator Xiao Dou draws our Miss Patina girls

The brilliantly talented Xiao Dou illustrated our Miss Patina girls to perfection, creating the three types of girls who wear and represent the Miss Patina lifestyle. Our girls incorporate Miss Patina into their daily lives whilst at work, shopping, attending special events and embarking on new and exciting travels.

Inspired by vintage and a love for art, design and fashion, there are many styles that Miss Patina caters to.

illustrator Xiao Dou

Our vintage heritage girl is inspired by the city and country, present and past. She wears a mixture of 1960s A-line dresses and skirts, floating fabrics inspired by the 1970s, and teams them with modern styles. This Autumn she is wearing lots of pastels, suede, and loves to wear our Soho skirt.

Our classically elegant Miss Patina girl incorporates vintage glamour into her daily style. She transitions from day to night, wearing our range of vintage inspired delights. She’s influenced by traditional English dresses, wool mix coats and embroidered blouses. Her favourite Autumn/Winter 13 outfit is the Primrose pinafore, paired with a roll neck or peter pan collar blouse, vintage shoes and a pastel wool mix jacket.

Our creative Miss Patina girl opts for more casual vintage styles, that cater to her busy schedule. Opting to wear over-sized knitted jumpers, tailored shorts or fitted high waisted jeans, she is never short of inspiration and caries her sketchbook wherever she goes.

Xiaodou also illustrated our Lucky Dip Blouse, and perfectly captured the essence of its fairy tale inspiration.

Illustrator Xiaodou from weiboSimilar to Miss Patina, Xiao Dou is inspired by nature, embroidery and handmade crafts, as can be seen in the images below.

Xiao Dou Embroidery

These cute embroidery designs would look great with a Miss Patina blouse.

Hand made embroidery brooch by Xiao dou (1)

Xiao Dou lives in Shenzhen, China now, she just published a new book which is available through this link, and you can follow her here.

Xiao Dou Flower shop sketch

Xiao Dou Flowers