7 Years with Topshop!

7 Years with Topshop!

Dear all Miss Patina lovers:

Did you know that you can buy Miss Patina clothing from Topshops?

Read on to find out more!

TopshopLondon is the shopping capital of the UK and home to Topshops flagship store – head to the bottom floor and embrace yourself in Miss Patina!

London – Oxford Circus (Great Castle Street Oxford Street, West End, Greater London W1W 8LG)

We’ve started to have concession in Topshop flagship, Oxford circus since 2010.

Can’t believe it’s been 6 years already! Let’s have a quick look back.


2011 (2) 2011


oxford circus 2012 (2) OXFORD CIRCUS 2012


mp topshop bath 4 mp topshop bath 3


mpss14 topshop

mpss14 topshop2

mpss14 topshop5mpss14 topshop3 mpss14 topshop4


SS15mpss15 topshop mpss15 topshop2AW15-1 AW15-2 AW15-3


2016 awAW16 VM AW16 VM1

In last 5 years, we also had several concessions around the UK and Ireland.

Even though they are no longer available now(except Oxford circus), still full of our best memories!

 Miss Patina in Topshop, Bath

mp topshop bath mp topshop bath2

 Miss Patina in Topshop, Derby

mp topshop derby mp topshop derby2

 Miss Patina in Topshop, Norwich

mp topshop Norwich mp topshop Norwich2

 Miss Patina in Topshop, Warrington

mp topshop Warrington mp topshop Warrington2

 Miss Patina in Topshop, Yorkmp topshop york mp topshop york2

  Miss Patina in Topshop, Dublin

Dublin topshop专柜的员工Rebeccamp topshop Dublin

  Miss Patina in Topshop, Edinburgh

mp in Edinburgh mp in Edinburgh2

  Miss Patina in Topshop,Cambridge

bef1071ajw1e5oxnixtasj20g50pttg8 mp in cambridge

 Miss Patina in Topshop, Canterbury

mp in Canterbury

 Miss Patina in Topshop,Mainstone

mp topshop in maidstone

 Don’t doubt, you still can shop Miss Patina in Topshop flagship, Oxford circus!

Team Miss Patina xx