SS16 - Polariod Diary

SS16 - Polariod Diary


Life is a journey, come with me.
The nature has stories to tell, go to explore the beauty of it with Miss Patina.

Our Spring Summer 2016 story begins in a little village by the coast of Southern England.

1Wake up in a romantic cottage with gentle sea breeze blowing through the window and sunshine falling onto the ground.

2Walking in the glory of early morning sun, feeling the spring is near.

3Passing by a peaceful village on the way to seaside, the elders are working in the allotment.

6Everything is awakening. Sheep are grazing in the fields peacefully.

8Just breathe, enjoy the blissful fragrance of the spring.

7Listen, the mermaids are singing! The ocean is calling!

5Be a mermaid, wandering in the arms of the ocean.

4The sea melting into the sky, and the seagulls are flying over the white cliffs.

12Your skirt is dancing in the wind with you.

10A seagull stands there watching the ebb and flow of the tide.

11Let the sea set your free.  Your heart has already flown to the end of the sky.

9The lighthouse is still there waiting for the sunset. Let’s follow the light and travel far.