Cats & Miss Patina

A few years ago, in a snowy winter night, our founder Holly found a poor pregnant street cat and gave it refuge in the Miss Patina studio. Shortly after, the cat gave birth to four adorable little kittens.

Holly loved the four little heart melting cuties so much that she was inspired to create a cat related collection. This repertoire of designs and styles was immensely successful and won the hearts of Miss Patina fans worldwide. Ever since then, Miss Patina has launched a new cat theme every season, and has continued to do so. From angel cats to mermaid cats, musical cats to book kitties; even a variety of David Bowie and Beatles tribute cats.

Season after season, Miss Patina’s cat range brings joy and surprises, not only to cat lovers, but to girls who share the same love of fun, quirky imagination and generosity.

♥ We adopted a new kitty

Meet our newest Miss Patina family member ‘Nian Nian’ which translates to ‘Remember’. He is only 1 month old and he is very curious and adorable.

On the 61st day since our founder Holly’s dad’s passing, she discovered three newborn kittens resting in a plant pot outside her dad’s study room on the 4th floor. The next day, two of the kittens were reunited with their mother, leaving one behind—a precious gift. Holly and her mum welcomed him into their home, nourishing him with love and milk, watching him grow stronger each day.

Life’s magic revealed itself through this little kitty, a comforting presence sent by Holly’s dad. After welcoming Nian Nian to our family, we hope to create many more cat inspired designs.
Cat inspired ~ Designs ~
Love Cat Shirt

£65.00 GBP

Introducing our exclusive best-selling Love Cat collar shirt, embroidered with the sweetest little cat face and arms on one side of the collar, and two legs and a tail on the ot...

Cat inspired ~ Designs ~
Kitten Anthem Dress

£85.00 GBP

Love is in the air and a soft dusky rose is just the colour for a romantic stroll. A tailored spin on the 60s shift dress, this piece also comes with oversized kitten pockets st...

Cat inspired ~ Designs ~
Aristocat Dress (Pink)

£79.00 GBP

Waltz perfectly in this delicate musical cat print dress. Quirky, sophisticated, and irrevocably wearable. Dress it up or dress it down to make a bold yet playful statement. Ava...

Lucky the bird

'Lucky bird designs' tell the story of Lucky the budgie who was rescued on a stormy night in 2019 by Miss Patina after being found with a broken wing. Our founder Holly's mum thought Lucky how to speak both in English and Chinese. He can say "Miss Patina I love you!" and "Every design tells a story".

We took care of him, he is now healthy, full of life and an inspiration to us!
Lucky the bird ~ designs ~
Love Bird Blouse

£69.00 GBP

Another edition to our timeless shirt collection, inspired by the love story of our pet budgie Lucky and his girlfriend Elizabeth The eye-catching kissing bird embroidery colla...

Lucky the bird ~ designs ~
Floral Bird Shirt

£75.00 GBP

Delicately adding sophistication and playful detail to any outfit, our Floral Bird Shirt is inspired by our in-house budgie bird called Lucky, the embroidery details include flo...

Lucky the bird ~ designs ~
Lucky Bird Kisses Dress

£89.00 GBP

Our signature Lucky Bird collar pairs perfectly with this classic 1950s inspired A-line silhouette to create the most elegant shape. Crafted with a soft mint gingham patterned f...