Girls in Charge

Girls in Charge

Girls in Charge provides a platform for women to build their confidence and entrepreneurial skills through a series of gamified workshops which are constantly evolving with insights from primary research collected through roundtable discussions. In an informal, care-free setting, the initiative uses gamification methods to teach participants the skills needed to start, run, or work in a business, excel in life and in turn, run similar workshops themselves – an empowering knowledge exchange for all involved.

The initiative has held workshops at many universities, including the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Guyana. It has been recognised in the British national report on youth entrepreneurship, Future Founders (The Entrepreneurs’ Network, 2019), and invited to attend the 2019 ‘Inspiring Enterprise in Education’ event at the House of Lords.

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Here at Miss Patina, we value inner beauty as well as outer style, and that is why we are passionate supporters of the non-profit organisation the Girls in Charge Initiative, which helps women develop their confidence. We believe that Miss Patina is someone who continually learns, explores, and appreciates the simple pleasures of life. She is fun and stylish. She is all of you. That is why we thought it was important to not only bring you outer style, but also some fun practical learning tools.
We have been supporting Girls in Charge since Summer 2020 with our founder, Holly, giving keynote speeches at events, helping with workshop content, and volunteering her time to shape the future of the Initiative as a member of the Non-Executive Board. We are now excited to share our Miss Patina x Girls in Charge products where profits will be donated to the Initiative to help more women build their confidence and skills.

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With an ever-expanding network, GC has created a Girls in Charge LinkedIn group: an informal place for their community to make friends, meet mentors and get inspired. You never know where people may be in 5 years time so we hope this group will keep us all connected, no matter where in the world we end up.