AW15 Campaign Meet the Models - Part 1

AW15 Campaign Meet the Models - Part 1

This week at Miss Patina HQ, we’ve been super busy organising our Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign and we’re pleased to say it’s all finished – so we decided to give you lovely Miss Patina readers a sneaky peak behind the scenes! Check out these exclusive snaps and interview with one of our beautiful models, Olivia! x

Olivia (1)

Name: Olivia
Modelling Experience: 3 years
Lives: Nottinghamshire
Interesting fact: I can dislocate my shoulder

MP: Hello Olivia. Thank you for joining us on our latest photo-shoot for our AW15 campaign.
O: Hello, thank you for having me.

MP: So tell Miss Patina readers how you got into modelling; do you think you’ve fitted well into the ‘world of modelling’?
O: Hopefully I have. I got into modelling about 3 years ago, when I was scouted at the Leeds Shopping Centre.

MP: You must not have been expecting that. What did you first think?
O: Yeah I thought it was a bit weird at first, but after some research, it all turned out to be legitimate.

MP: That’s good to hear! What were your first photo-shoots like?
O: There were some weird ones at first, but also good ones. There were a few random ones based in just garages, which was unusual. But I’ve also had some really, really good ones. I was able to travel to Milan and Japan almost immediately.

Olivia (2)

MP: What do you like most about modelling?
O: The travelling probably – getting to go to different places and meeting different people.

MP: So is Japan the furthest you’ve travelled from home for a photo-shoot?
O: Yeah Japan and New York.

MP: Do you have a favourite or memorable photo-shoot that you’ve done?
O: Yeah I’ve taken part in an Illamasqua make-up campaign which was really amazing. I was dressed up like a fairy, with a blonde wig and I had a completely white face – I’d never seen myself like that before. That was probably my favourite.

Olivia (3)


MP: Do you prefer modelling for clothing brands, or make-up?
O: I like modelling for hair and beauty campaigns. My favourite is any sort of avant-garde style make-up.

MP: So does that mean you like to experiment with your own make-up?
O: Actually I never wear it; I don’t even own any make-up. That’s probably why I enjoy modelling it so much.

Olivia (4)

MP: Describe your own personal style?
O: It’s very laid back; I don’t really have much of a style. I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of person.

MP: Do you think that’s because when you’re modelling you’re often wearing uncomfortable clothes?
O: Yeah, I do often have to wear quite un-comfy clothes when I’m shooting. But I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy; I grew up on a farm with older brothers, so I would always just be wearing my brother’s hoodies – fashion isn’t really a thing on a farm.

Olivia (5)

MP: Do you like the vintage style?
O: Yeah, I like to shop for vintage, especially when I’ve got a full day to have a really good rummage around; otherwise it’s just not long enough.

MP: Do you visit London much?
O: Yeah almost every week. I used to live here, but I recently moved back to Nottinghamshire.

MP: Do you have any favourite places to shop in London that you’d like to share with our readers?
O: I really like Camden actually, as you can usually find the odd weird thing that no one else has.

MP: What’s your favourite thing to do in London?
O: If it’s a nice day, I always like to go around one of the parks. And I think that London is really good for food – I like food a lot! London is so much more diverse than back home, so it’s always nice to go out and eat out somewhere in London. And the clubs are always really good!

Olivia (6)

MP: Do you find that you have to watch what you’re eating, being a model?
O: It depends really. I should probably care a lot more than I do, but it’s nice to treat yourself on a weekend.

MP: So we’re eager to know what are your thoughts are on Miss Patina.
O: Yeah I like Miss Patina! It’s very cute and fun. A lot of the time, fashion brands want you to look older, but I think Miss Patina is very fresh; and you use cat prints!

MP: A cat always helps! We are very much ‘cat people’ here at Miss Patina.  We’ve actually used quite a lot of cat logo’s and fabrics in our new AW15 collection. Now that you’ve modelled for our AW15 Campaign, do you have a favourite piece?
O: I really like the new collection. It’s very practical and stylish, which makes a nice change. It’s actually comfy and good quality, which again is rare. My favourite piece is the cat collar blouse. You usually just find studs and embroidery on collars, but I’ve never seen anything like this before, so I think I might just have to order it.

MP: Well thank you again for joining us in our AW15 Campaign, we can’t wait to see the results!

Olivia (7)

Check back next week forMeet the Models – Part 2 xx