AW15 Campaign Meet the Models - Part 2

AW15 Campaign Meet the Models - Part 2

We hope all of you Miss Patina lovers enjoyed last weeks blog post and as promised, here is Part 2 – featuring more behind the scenes snaps and an interview with the beautiful Anna!


Name: Anna
Modelling Experience: 6 years
Lives: London, from Portsmouth
Interesting Fact: I’m a twin


MP: Hello Anna. Thank you for being a part of our AW15 Campaign. We’re really excited to launch it later this year. We hope you’ve enjoyed modelling the collection.
A: Hello.

MP: So how did you get into modelling then?
A: I was spotted when I was about 15, on Oxford Street whilst I was shopping with my mum. A man just ran up to me and asked me if I wanted to be a model.

MP: Did you find that a bit weird?
A: Yeah I did, I was a bit dubious; so my mum came along with me to meet him at the agency and make sure it was all okay.


MP: Have you travelled much with modelling?
A: I’ve spent some time in Tokyo; I was there for about two months. And I’ve been to Korea, Barcelona and Milan and a few other countries.

MP: Where’s been your favourite place to shoot?
A: Yeah Tokyo is my favourite place; it was really hot! We had to wait until it was night time before we could walk around; it’s just too hot to walk around in the day.


MP: What do you prefer to be modelling?
A: I think it’s all dependent on the team, really. It’s a really nice team today, so I’m enjoying it. I do think clothing is interesting and I like it when there’s filming going on as well – It’s cool to see the technical side of a photo shoot.

MP: So do you feel confident now when you are on the set of a shoot?
A: Yes, definitely. At first I was really nervous, but now I’m a lot more confident.

MP: What’s your favourite thing about modelling?
A: The travelling I think, that’s the best thing; and meeting different people. I like learning about new industries that I wouldn’t necessarily know much about. And getting to see what goes on behind a photo shoot is always fun.


MP: What’s your personal style like?
A: It’s a bit grungy. I wear DC Martens and black a lot and leather.

MP: Do you wear much vintage?
A: Yeah I do, I’ve got quite a few vintage shoes and handbags.

MP: Do you have a favourite piece from the Miss Patina AW15 Collection?
A: I really like the cream jumper with the mother and kittens on. I’m quite a cat person!


MP: So do you have your own cat?
A: No, but my neighbour does and I sometimes feed him!

MP: So where do you like to shop in London, do you have any shopping gems to share with Miss Patina readers?
A: I quite like Brick Lane or Notting Hill – there are a few good vintage shops along Portobello Road. And there are quite a few nice boutiques dotted around Shoreditch.

MP: And what do you enjoy doing in London?
A: I really like being in London in the summer. I used to skate a lot, so I really liked going to Hyde Park and skating round there and reading books. London is really nice in the summer; it’s beautiful because you can find some really nice spots, where you can read or study.


Check back next week for AW15 Campaign: Meet the Videographer