Dress for Afternoon Tea

Dress for Afternoon Tea

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Hello there! I’m Cosette M, a fashion blogger from Stockholm who recently moved to London! I’ve been working around fashion as a writer and designer, and I am educated in art and art history. I always try to combine my two passions in my posts, a fine piece of clothing can be just as interesting as a painting!
At the moment I’m a new intern at Miss Patina, and work at the head office among all the inspiring clothes (and inspiring people)!
Since I’m spending Christmas at a hotel having afternoon tea, I believe it’s a great idea to make an entry on how to dress for this wonderful occasion!

When the Duchess of Bedford introduced Afternoon tea about 200 years ago, it was a splendid cure for her “sinking feeling” during the afternoons. Let the Afternoon tea be your cure in the growing cold!
Here is a Miss Patina guideline on how to dress for the occasion that works for all seasons!

Dusty Pink
Since it was a Duchess who invented afternoon tea, I think that the Duchess Dress is an obvious choice! The dusty pink Afternoon Tea Top works perfectly with that pink cup of yours!  Spend your time in a calming pastel colour to match your classic british tea cups!

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Pastel Blue
For the pastel blue occasion, you should wear the Pippa Pinafore dress, alternatively the Summer Nights Dress from the SS13 collection! Use a classic colour from Wedgwood for your tea set to match the clothing. Did you know that Marie Antoinette’s lover Axel von Fersen’s finest cuffs were made out of blue jasperware from Wedgwood? Now you do.!

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Get ready for the winter with burgundy! The Lady Coat will keep you warm, as the colour from it and the Hampton dress will warm you with it’s Christmas hint. If a cup of tea isn’t your cup of tea at the time, make a cup of mulled wine with ginger breads instead!

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The blue Brighton blouse and Duchess Dress works perfectly in formal tea occasions! Use a tea set with a classic toile du jouy pattern!

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