Have a Merry Vintage Christmas

Have a Merry Vintage Christmas

As Christmas draws closer, the question on everyone’s mind is what to wear?


The party season allows us to embrace our favourite and most decorative elements of our wardrobe. Whether you go for style or comfort at Christmas, we’ve picked our selection of Miss Patina party outfits perfect for the Christmas season.

1.Vintage School Sweetheart

Vintage Pinafore



Inspired by British tradition and heritage styles, this Miss Patina girl has both style and comfort within her wardrobe. Her clothes are playful and attentive to detail. For Christmas she’ll be wearing our Kew Gardens Blouse under a pinafore, plenty of tweed, and a selection of dresses featuring Peter Pan Collars.

 2.Vintage Sweetie

Christmas dress up



Our vintage sweetie wears classic styles influenced by the euphoric fashions of the 1960s and 1970s. She’s inspired by Hollywood starlets such as Veronica Lake and Audrey Hepburn. This Christmas she’ll be wearing our Queen of Hearts Blouse and Farringdon Frock, paired with some vintage brogues.

3. Vintage Glamour

Vintage Glamour

Grosvenor Gown (Mustard) (1)

Chelsea Dress AA-D2 (7)

You’re influenced by the classic cuts and shapes of Chanel, and like to wear clothes that are both formal and structured. Your Christmas outfit combines elegance with vintage, and can be transitioned from day to night. Your outfit for Christmas day is the Chelsea Dress.

4. Vintage Sparkle

Vintage Sparkle

Afternoon Tea Top (dusty pink) (2)

South Molton Skirt (2)

Inspired by the beautiful glitter decorations on the Christmas tree, this Miss Patina girl makes sure she wears at least one item which can sparkle under the Christmas fairy lights. You love to explore with bright shimmering colours, and can’t wait to choose your outfits for the festive season. Thankfully Miss Patina offers extended Christmas delivery, so you can sparkle throughout December in your favourite Miss Patina clothes.