Miss Patina Clearance - Style Inspiration

A styling treat to celebrate Miss Patina’s clearance! Be sure to grab something while you’ve got the time!

Final clearence inspiration

For a cute every-day look, be sure to team up Miss Patina’s Cream Tea Jumper in pale peach for only £38.80, with the Kaleidoscope Skirt! Finish it off with some lace accessories to match the collar!

final clearence inspiration 1

 Match the spring sky during your working days with a touch of baby blue!  The Pippa Pinafore in grey is on clearance for only £39.80 !

final clearence inspiration 3

A classic Miss Patina dress inspired by the 20s. Be sure to match it with golden tones for an all night event at the Ritz!  You can now  get the Charleston Dress for £48.80! What a catch!

final clearence inspiration 4

An outfit that can’t go wrong! Keep that old school feeling to combine with the Portobello Pinafore, on clearence for just £45.80!

final clearence inspiration 2

Planning a trip to the English countryside? Won’t work without a proper tweed outfit, you don’t want to embarrass yourself!
Get into the Stirrup Skirt for £29.80, and top it all up with our Country Bumpkin Blazer, now only £59.80!
Be sure to bring some refreshments!