Style Inspiration: An Interview with Brittany's Designer Miss Sayoko

Style Inspiration: An Interview with Brittany's Designer Miss Sayoko

Brittany's Designer Miss Sayoko (3)Miss Sayoko, head designer at Brittany’s has become one of our summer fashion favourites. She loves vintage, experimenting with bright colours, and travelling. These  are all implemented into her daily wardrobe.

After our recent collaboration I got to ask her a few questions on her favourite styles.

Rachel: What is the concept behind Brittany’s brand?

Sayoko: “European Girly Casual”. We present European casual which values refined style. We love styles that are mixed with high quality basic items and trendy fashionable items. We sell imported items bought in mainly London, Paris , NY and our original Brittany’s brand items which are designed here in Tokyo.

Rachel: We love your instagram, and can’t help but notice all the wonderful locations you get to visit. Does traveling play a vital part in your SS14 wardrobe?

Sayoko: Yes, I love traveling!!! My wardrobe for SS14 is quite colorful because I traveled to Phuket and Hong Kong recently. In warm countries, I tend to wear colorful clothes specifically yellow, pink, white and blue. These colours make me happy and  they express my feelings of excitement and happiness. When I travel to foreign countries I love to wear comfortable clothes like jersey but at the same time I need to be fashionable so I have lots of clothes that stretch a lot  like Brittany’s ♡ Miss Patina Suspender Stripe skirt or comfortable cut and sewn like Brittany’s ♡ Miss Patina Water melon Top. (Visit Sayoko’s Intagram)

Rachel: What styles influence your wardrobe?

Sayoko: Recently I’m really in to “betty Magazine” so my wardrobe is full of vintage and girly retro items like volume skirts, blouses etc. I love shoes! So I have lots of shoes too.

Rachel: Out of all the places you’ve visited, which has the best fashion style/vibe – and what has been your favourite place to visit so far this year?

Sayoko: I love LONDON the most in all of the world. When I visit there I get so much inspiration from people, shops and sights. So when I design clothes I always add London taste that I felt in the city. To get inspiration I go to London at least twice a year. For me London is very special as It’s very positive and I feel so much energy from the city. This year so far I’ve visited Singapore, London, Paris, Phuket, and Hong Kong.

As mentioned before, I love London the most but I love Singapore as well. Singapore is so modern. The buildings are very new and unique, the people are very international, and the foods are delicious. I enjoyed shopping  there as they have so many cool shops, I even found that some luxury brands have different selections from Japan so it was very interesting for me to find different merchandising.

Rachel: Finally, what is your favourite piece from Brittany’s Love Miss Patina collection?

Sayoko: I love the Watermelon  top the best. The top is very comfortable and easy to coordinate as it matches lots of things like shorts or skirts.

Rachel: That’s one of our favourites too! Thanks for your time Sayoko!

♡ Sayoko’s Key Looks ♡

Brittany's Designer Miss Sayoko (13)♡ Sayoko wearing Brittany’s Love Miss Patina Watermelon top ♡

Brittany's Designer Miss Sayoko (8) ♡ Brittany’s Opening Exhibition ♡

Brittany's Designer Miss Sayoko (1)

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Be sure to check out Sayoko’s :  instagram, blog and Britany’s website. ♡